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Pec pod Sněžkou.

Pec pod Sněžkou is one of the most well-known and most frequented mountain resorts in the Czech Republic, with yearround use. It lies in the valley of the river Úpa and the brooks Zelený and Luční, set in resplendent natural surroundings amid the peaks Černá hora (Black Mountain - 1 299m), Jelení vrch (Stag Peak - 1 024 m), Liščí hora (Fox Mountain - 1 363 m), Studniční hora (1 553 m), and Sněžka. Sněžka (Snow Mountain), on the border with Poland, is at 1 602 m the highest peak in the Czech Republic. ?Included in Pec pod Sněžkou are the neighbouring village of Velká Úpa, as well as many mountain settlements and a wilderness area reaching high onto the ridges. The all area of the town Pec pod Sněžkou is situated in the Krkonoše (The Giant Mountains) National Park. The name of the town comes from the building of ovens (pece) for the smelting of iron, arsenic and copper ores, which were mined in Obří důl (Giant's Mine) from the 16th to the 19th centuries. Pec pod Sněžkou became a popular tourist centre after World War I, and the original mining camp was gradually changed into a hub of tourist activity. ?The construction of two segments of the chair-lift Pec - Růžová hora - Sněžka in 1948-50, and the following construction of a system of ski-lifts and downhill skiing runs, were landmarks in the further development of the town. ?Pec pod Snezkou in the summer time: hiking, hiking trails – Vlci jama, Aichelburg, Zeleny brook, around Pec, trips with guides, rent of mountain bikes, biking, tennis courts. ?Pec pod Snezkou in the winter time: downhill skiing – ski resort Pec pod Snezkou, chair lift to Hnedy Vrch, ski resort Portasky, country ski cross trails, service and rent of skies and snowboards, ski taxi. ?Texts are from websites: www.pecpodsnezkou.cz.

Valley Obří důl.

Mountain glacial valley between Pec pod Sněžkou and foothills of mountain Sněžka. It is cramped by Široký ridge and Studniční mountain. Three glacial moraine was conserved there. The river Úpa run through the valley. Rare high-mountain plants growth in several parts of valley. In the past the ore was mined there, but the mining finished in the beginning of 20th century. Many recreation objests are situate in the Obří důl. Many slopes of the valley are typical avalanchelike and several very destructive avalanches slumped there in the past.

Mountain Sněžka

the highest mountain of Czech republic (1602 m). It is foud in the east part of Giant mountains in Hraniční ridhe. Through its top goes the state border between Czech republic and Poland. On the top of mountain have been built several buidings. In the year 1868 the Czech chalet was built there, but it is today disrepair and closed. Modern Polish chalet stays at the place of former Slezská chalet. In the beginning of 20th century the wooden observatory originated there, but it was taken down several years ago. On the top of Sněžka there is also 14 m heigh chapel of St. Vavřinec from the half of 19th century and the highest situated post-office in the Czech republic. The funicular from the Pec pod Snězkou goes to the top of mountain. Thanks its high the top of Sněžka offers the unlimited panoramic view to landscape of Czech republic and Poland.

Janské Lázně

Mountain town, recreation centre and the only one spa in the Czech part of Giant mountains. The streams was founded in 14th century. The founder of spa was the count Jan Adolf Schwarzenberg in the 17th century. The big boom of spa continued from middle of 19th century to beginning of 20th century. At the area of spa occur about 30 streams and many spa objects. Interesting are the spa colonnade from the end of 19th century and pseudo-gothic church of St. Jan Křtitel from the year 1885. Near the town towers the Černá mountain. On the slopes there is situated a famous ski centre. From Janské Lázně to the top of Černá mountain goes the cabin funicular.?

Hiking trail

Hiking trail: pec pod Sněžkou – Horní Maršov

Pec pod Sněžkou - Zelený potok - Pražská bouda - Černá bouda - Nad Modrými kameny - Modrokamenná bouda - Na Pražačce - Horní Maršov (celkem 13,1km)


Surroundings of Pec pod Sněžkou

Pec pod Sněžkou - Zelený potok - Pražská bouda - Sedlo pod Kolínskou boudou - Nad Javořím dolem - Vlašské Boudy - U Thámových Bud - Javoří důl - Kladenská bouda - Pec pod Sněžkou (celkem 12,6km)

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